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FASPA is composed of school administrators who have roles and responsibilities associated with personnel operations, and college/university personnel who are responsible for teacher training and certification.

The objectives of this organization shall be:
a) To promote the use of merit, fitness, and professional qualifications as the criteria for recruitment, selection, appointment, retention, and advancement of public school personnel.

b) To promote among the members the interchange of ideas, data, and information regarding operational practices in order to effect improvement in the administration of school personnel.

c) To acquaint applicants in particular and to alert citizens in general with the needs, opportunities, and procedures for securing and retaining public school employment.

d) To promote improvement in employment procedures and training of paraprofessionals and support personnel.

e) To promote improvement in teacher education.

f) To promote improvement in teacher certification.

g) To cooperate with interested community agencies and professional associations in the furtherance of the aforesaid aims and purposes.


For information about FASPA contact:
Kella Grant, FASPA President Elect: grantk@duvalschools.org
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